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Balance in the Air

Victor Vasarely (1906 – 1997)
Enamelled steel, height 250cm

Victor Vasarely was born in Hungary and trained in the design aesthetic of the Budapest Bauhaus in the late 1920s. He moved to Paris in 1930 where he worked as a graphic and commercial artist, mainly designing posters. He produced his first optical works around this time, but did not develop his characteristic geometric abstract style until the early 1950s. He is now recognised as a pioneer of post-war optical painting – Op Art – with compositions based on a continual interaction between different kinds of pattern repeated in a wide range of permutations; he invented what he called the ‘unite plastique’: a geometric module of colour and form which, like the letters of the alphabet, could be combined in an almost endless number of variations. In 1970 he founded a museum of his own work in the Provencal village of Gordes, with the aim of studying ‘one of the major problems of today: the integration of the arts with society’. Six years later the Vasarely Foundation was established in Aix-en-Provence.


November 18, 2014


Jeddah Sculpture Park