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Drago Marin Cherina (1949 – )
Bronze, width 170cm

The sculptor and painter Drago Marin Cherina was born in Korčula in Croatia. In 1975 he went to Australia to do a bust of the then Prime Minister, Gough Whitlam, and decided to stay. He made a series of bronzes of well-known people such as Picasso, Marilyn Monroe and Salvador Dali, as well as a six-metre-high head of Henry Moore, apparently cloven in half, now in the New South Wales town of Yeoval. His bust of the Russian author Alexander Solzhenitsyn is held at the National Library of Australia in Canberra. He also designed the ‘Millennia Nexus’, a $100 million tower of light that was planned (though not completed) for the 2000 Sydney Olympics. Cherina has had more than 100 international exhibitions and his work can be seen in many European cities, the USA, Japan and Australia, as well as in Jeddah. He currently lives and works in Taiwan.


November 16, 2014


Jeddah Sculpture Park